Cayruã Chaves

Cayruã Chaves

PhD candidate in Economics



I am a PhD Candidate in Economics at CEMFI.

I am on the Job Market in 2022/2023 and available for interviews.

Click here for my Job Market Paper, and here for my CV.

Research interests:

  • Primary: Applied Microeconomics, Digitization, Culture
  • Secondary: Industrial Organization, Urban Economics


Gerard Llobet (Main Advisor)                

Diego Puga

Pedro Mira

Guillermo Caruana

Work in Progress


  • Regulation and Competition Policy
    - Teaching assistant. Graduate course. CEMFI. Fall 2018, 2019.
  • Machine Learning in Finance
    - Teaching assistant. Summer school course. CEMFI. Summer 2019, 2020.
  • Big Data and Web Scraping in the Social Sciences
    - Teaching assistant. Undergraduate short course. CEMFI. Summer 2020, 2021.

Public Goods

  1. Intro to Jupyter Notebooks and Python
  2. Web Scraping:
  3. Intro to machine learning: KNN with scikit-learn